I see that you have a U of M sticker, are you from Michigan?

Yup, I’m from the mitten!

Any chance that you could give women a chance and be a tinsy bit bisexual? You're far too attractive to only be loved by men.

I tried the whole women thing for the first 19 years of my life, turns out I was more asexual than anything else during that time. But now I get all of my love from one wonderful man.

I really like your blog. Great dogs and greats guys. And the pictures of you. You're quite handsome!

Thanks! And thanks! =]

Well thats upsetting. For Me, not so much for you! Congratulations on your love!

Sorry for the upsetting news. But thanks!

So, are you single?

Nope, not single. Very much in love. =]

are some of these photos of you?

Yup, a few of them.